3D Printed Mask for Halloween? Checkout @ThatsMyFace!

Halloween is almost here and perhaps you want to use 3D printing for your costume.  We wrote a few days ago about an awesome example if you’re a Metroid fan, but here is a way you can be ANYONE like a friend or family member with ThatsMyFace.com.  Using a suite of 3D technology they transform pictures into a mask that can survive the scrutiny of facial recognition software and a casual glance, although perhaps not an extended viewing or close-up.   Now if you require “Mission Impossible” quality and have a spare $5,000 you can check out REALFACE out of Japan or if you’re on a budget just print yourself a “Jason” mask!

Now you Can 3D Print Gumby with @NinjaFlex3D

Saw this great new flexible filament by NinjaFlex.  Many 3D parts feel rigid and brittle, but there are so many applications that call for flexibility.  Some examples I can think of are cases for phones, kids toys, clothing and things like gaskets on the industrial side.  Our world is made up of objects of many materials from wood to plastic to glass to stone to steel to rubber and if 3D printing is to be a potential complete next generation manufacturing technology it must be able to work them all.  If you need a 3D Gumby file, here you go!

Future Engineers Space Tool Challenge for ISS 3D Printer by @MadeInSpace

So now that the Made In Space 3D printer is aboard the ISS, what should be made with it?  The people at Future Engineers have launched an awesome contest to inspire young engineers to think of the endless possibilities.  They even have a real astronaut who lived on the ISS issue the challenge!  The prizes are awesome from having your design actually printed on the ISS to a tour of SpaceX! Continue reading

Got an Idea for a 3D Printable Small Robot to Assist in Bomb Disposal? Another @Innocentive Challege!

File:LA County Sheriff Bomb Robot 2.JPG

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department display at Public Safety Day in Lakewood, California. Photo by Eric Polk (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:LA_County_Sheriff_Bomb_Robot_2.JPG)

You may remember we have written a past article about Innocentive, well there’s another new great challenge.  You can earn $50,000 for designing a cheap 3D printed robot to help bomb squads. Continue reading